The Professional Engineering Outreach (PEO) Office at the University of Delaware is recognized as an excellent resource for working engineers and technical professionals in all career stages. Our staff is committed to providing opportunities for lifelong learning and training through various educational programs, including graduate courses and degrees, short courses and professional development programs. Many of our programs are scheduled at “professionally convenient” times on campus and/or in various distance formats. When appropriate, arrangements are also made to deliver courses on company worksites.

Our educational programs cover five different engineering disciplines: biomedical, chemical & biomolecular, civil & environmental, electrical & computer, materials science and mechanical engineering, as well as cybersecurity, railroad engineering and bioinformatics. These programs provide the engineering community with the opportunity to continue their education and training at one of the best engineering graduate schools in the nation.

A high priority of the PEO Office is providing the necessary advisement for working engineers and technical professionals to successfully reach their educational goals in the most effective and efficient way. Contact our Professional Engineering Outreach office by calling 302-831-8302 or emailing today.