PE Exam Review Courses

Professional Engineer (PE) Exam Review Courses

The University of Delaware currently offers a distance – format review course in Chemical Engineering and coming in Spring 2018, newly designed PE Exam review courses for Civil and Environmental Engineering.

The courses are designed to provide the students with the breadth and depth of engineering discipline knowledge needed to prep for the respective PE exam.   The instructors presenting the courses are professional engineers who have extensive experience in their area of expertise.  Through a combination of lectures and extensive problem solving, the student acquires the skills needed for the rigor of the PE exam.

The courses feature online question and answer chat sessions as the instructors are available to answer students questions throughout the open period for the course.

Chemical Engineering PE Exam Prep Course

The course is delivered in 20 – 3 hour sessions, available through on-line access.

Registration for this distance-formatted review course is accepted at any time.  Distance format courses are self-study and do not have a registration deadline.

Course Fee: $975

The instructor is Dr. John R. Richards, Research Fellow at The DuPont Company (Retired), and adjunct faculty in chemical engineering at the University of Delaware.  Dr. Richards is available to answer questions during the course open period.

“John Richards has an extraordinary depth of knowledge in every aspect of chemical engineering. He is also very approachable and explains the material extremely well.”

 James Kidd, P.E. 
U.S. Army Research Laboratory

Civil Engineering PE Exam Prep Course

Coming in Spring 2018

Environmental Engineering PE Exam Prep Course

Coming in Spring 2018

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