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At the University of Delaware, part-time graduate engineering students take the same courses that full-time engineering students take, enabling great synergy among the students and with our top-notch faculty.

Our industry-aligned faculty includes 33 named professors, six National Academy of Engineering members, 51 NSF and DOD faculty career and young investigator award winners, and 17 University teaching award recipients.

Graduate Courses

Graduate Courses

By starting in this unique, graduate, non-degree status you are allowed a maximum of three graduate courses (9 credits). This allows you to try a course or two (or three), while simultaneously showing your ability to succeed at graduate level work. Courses in which you earn at least a B may be applied to a relevant degree program.

Graduate Courses

Graduate Certificates

Our Graduate Certificate programs bundle courses into a focused academic credential showing specialized knowledge on your resume and can be earned with only 3 or 4 graduate courses.

Graduate Degrees

Graduate Degrees

The College of Engineering offers several graduate degree programs and many of our programs offer courses at “professionally convenient” times on campus and/or in various distance formats.

Participation in Professional Engineering Outreach does not guarantee admission to a graduate degree program. However, the advisement provided through PEO can enhance the probability of admission. Degree program applicants must follow the admission process administered by the Office of Graduate and Professional Education. For some programs, this may include submission of GRE scores, with minimums for combined quantitative and verbal scores set by each engineering department. Please refer to the desired department’s web page for further information.

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Discounted Tuition Rates

We offer discounted rates for select graduate engineering courses and certificate programs.


We encourage you to begin your journey by contacting our office. We will discuss your area of interest and help devise a path that helps you achieve your educational goals.